Google play games service won't show leaderboard


May be someone could help me :

My app is on alpha test on Googleplay all works fine except LeaderBoard writing and leaderBoard Shown




The connection at start seems to be good, the in app purchase works fine in google alpha test mode,

(for info : My project is an only blueprint and was compiled for Android and IOS (on IOS the leaderBoard’s function works very fine and inapp as well) on UE4.8.0 win)

Someone had experiencing that issue ?

Thanks in advance


Creo que para google play debes ponerlo como esta en tu google play dev.


amigo remmenber speak in english because this forum is in english

Hi tefica,

A good resource is the Tappy Chicken game, available from the Learn tab of the launcher. You can check your leaderboard blueprints against its, as it also has Google Play services leaderboards.

Good luck!

Sorry I do not speak English: v
You have added your email in google play test?

Ok thank you:), I had to manually complete the GooglePlayAppID.xml with the google given xml ressources:


For the moment it works good with Achievements but seams not for score leaderboard…

Thanks Again !

Hi tefica,

The first thing to check is to make sure sure the leaderboard ID in the leaderboard map in the project settings is exactly the same as the leaderboard ID you see in the Google developer console. If that’s set up correctly, does the logcat output show any information related to leaderboards? You’ll need to use a non-shipping build to see UE4’s log output, but it will print diagnostic messages for leaderboard operations. If we could see this log output, it would be very helpful.

Hi Ryan,

  • LeaderBoards ID are well configured : leaderboard map, GooglePlayAppID.xml and game services ID are matching.
  • I’ve build a Development version to check logcat, and sorry but no informations about leaderboards was found in the log file,

(with my testing configuration Connexion to Games Service can’t be done with a local installation; it works only when I publish my project on google)

Questions :
May i have to directly enter the Google Leaderboard ID in the read and write LeaderBoard BluePrint function ?
Is Leaderboard mapping working ?

the good thing is that Achievements Mapping is working :slight_smile:

Best Regards

UE4 does support testing Google Play games with a local, non-Shipping installation, it just requires some more setup. If you add your debug signing certificate fingerprint in a separate linked app as described here, it should work. Without the logs it will difficult to figure out what’s going wrong.

No, this shouldn’t be necessary.

Yes, we use it in our sample game TappyChicken, which has working leaderboards.


Thanks you for the tips :slight_smile:

Here some lines of the log file (all LogOnline):

[2015.07.23-18.35.40:863]  0]Log file open, 07/23/15 20:35:40
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:863]  0]LogEngine:Display: Android Version Make Model Language: 2.3.7 Sony Ericsson ST25i it_IT
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:863]  0]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_START
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:863]  0]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_RESUME
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:863]  0]LogInit:Display: Running engine for game...
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:867]  0]LogOnline:Display: OnlineSubsystemGooglePlayModule::StartupModule()
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:867]  0]LogOnline:Display: FOnlineIdentityAndroid::FOnlineIdentityAndroid()
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:867]  0]LogOnline:Display: FOnlineStoreGooglePlay::FOnlineStoreGooglePlay
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:867]  0]LogOnline: GPG sign in started
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:867]  0]LogOnline: FOnlineSubsystemGooglePlay::OnAuthActionFinished, Op: SIGN IN, Status: VALID
[2015.07.23-18.35.40:867]  0]LogOnline: Async task 'Login' completed in 2.364990 seconds with 1
[2015.07.23-18.35.42:873]  0]LogOnline:Display: FOnlineIdentityAndroid::GetPlayerNickname
[2015.07.23-18.35.43:230]  0]LogInit:Display: Game Engine Initialized.
[2015.07.23-18.35.51:745]  0]LogOnline:Display: FOnlineIdentityAndroid::GetPlayerNickname
[2015.07.23-18.35.52:447]  0]LogOnline:Warning: GetLeaderboardID: No mapping for leaderboard Score
[2015.07.23-18.35.57:776]  0]LogOnline:Warning: Async task 'ReadLeaderboard' completed in 5.175354 seconds with 0
[2015.07.23-18.35.59:474]  0]LogOnline:Display: OSS: WriteLeaderboards
[2015.07.23-18.35.59:481]  0]LogOnline:Display: OSS: Going through 

Here is the DefaultEngine.ini mapping for the score leaderBoard


Thanks Again for your tips and support
Best regards

Thanks for providing the log!

LogOnline:Warning: GetLeaderboardID: No mapping for leaderboard Score

This line reveals that the engine is using the string “Score” to look up the mapping, but if the mapping has the string “SCORE”, it will fail because this particular string compare is case-sensitive. It looks like you are passing “SCORE” to the blueprint nodes, so I believe this is occurring because of the somewhat weird case-insensitivity behavior of FNames, which are used internally in some places. As a workaround, you can try using “Score” (exact case!) instead in the mapping.

Thank you!

Leaderboard now working after changing by “Score” in the mapping, but yes it is a very strange thing,… then…
I remember that i have modified “Score” to “SCORE” in the blueprint node at the beginning of my project development, is it possible that UE has kept the first case somewhere in cache considering that it was the same string ?