Google Play Games help!

This is my first android game so I am 100% new to this, I have been trying to do most things on my own without internet help but I am now realizing that that may have been a bad idea. I recently released my app in to beta and that all works fine, and when I got to download the app in google play store it works fine and it even has the little badge saying this app uses google play services. But unfortunately when I open and play the app it does not. Also the “play games” app does not recognize it as a game that is uses google play games services.

I am going to show some of my settings and such, if anyone sees anything wrong pleas let me know.

Packaging settings


Codes and their comparison

(I don’t except you to double check this one for me, just let me know if I have it in the right place///)

android sdk

my unreal engine is on my hard drive while these files are on my ssd, could this cause any issues?

Also this raises a red flag for me. I click “turn apis back on” and then it does, but as soon as I refresh the page it goes back on. I checked the actual api console and it says they are on, so maybe its just not linked properly?

“show external login ui” fails, as it should when I run the game on my pc but "read leaderboard integer gives me nothing. This is in a global game instance.

this is all I have for my high score button. it does not do anything.

testers ( the game is in beta, the emails are correct (don’t email me))

Thanks in advance for your time. if you need to see anything else just let me know!