Google Play Does not Connect after new project version

Hello! Im having annoying problem. I followed tutorials and managed to get Google Play Console Leaderboards work on my game. (What I mean is I managed to make a button show leaderboard while pressed). After that I uploaded a new version of my project to Google Play Console, and it did not work anymore. I have enabled lot of different apis as shown below, but I cant figure out what Im doing wrong here. When I open up my game on android device it is not showing The Google Play logo and my gamer profile as it should. All help is appreciated and if you need more information plz ask. Thank you, sorry for bad english.

Is there someone who could help me? Is this the right place to ask about this?

Is there a better place to ask help for this problem?

Im still fighting with this problem. From logcat, when I press button assigned to connect to google play, I get this error: E/adbd: failed to connect to socket ‘tcp:6666’: Connection refused. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Finally managed to fix my problem by creating a firebase project, Didnt have any clue it is something that must be done in order to get it working.