Google Play Developer API problem


I installed the game in the play store but it gives a warning like this and I couldn’t solve the problem.

Minimum SDK Version : 21
Target SDK Version : 29

Starting December 1, 2019, versions 1 and 2 of the Google Play Developer API will no longer be available so you need to update to version 3 ahead of this date.

Thank you for help

Since earlier this year, Google had enforced app submission version to at least 2 versions down from the latest SDK.
To fix that, simply changing the minimum SDK version to android-26 and target SDK to android-28.
If any problem happens during build, update the SDK up to version 28.3 via Android Studio and use NDK 17c.

Thank you for your answer but when I do what you say it gives the following error.


Disabling this APK will cause your app to be downloaded in fewer device types.

Yes, it is as expected because of minimum API was set to android-26.
You do however can provide support for older android versions, but you need to provide separate permission & privacy guidelines.…lop/target-sdk

Same error but how shall i fix this and where?

That’s how I solved the problem.

Minimum SDK version: 21
Target SDK version: 29 (29 sdk manual download and copy it to the corresponding location in the nvpack folder.)
Ndk Location: C: / NVPACK / android-ndk-r17c

One thing, if you are building a game under Android 7 (API-25).

I must configure something like this:
Minimum SDK version: 21 // (Android 5 API-21)
Target SDK version: 30 // [Android 11 API-30]

Can work??? or is not possible work under Android 7 ???