Google Play Console - Warning, SDK-Version 1.10.0


during my internal testing of my app in the google play console, out of a sudden I get the follwing warning message and I can’t figure out how to fix that?, I’m new to all that android stuff and this makes me stuck…

The developer of Google Play Core ( has added the following note to SDK version 1.10.0:

If your app is targeting SDK 34+ (targetSdkVersion), then the PlayCore SDK is outdated and will likely cause crashes in your app! Please update: Overview of the Google Play Core libraries  |  Android Developers
Sieh dir weitere Informationen zu den SDKs an, die du verwendest, und triff mit dem Google Play SDK Index fundierte SDK-Entscheidungen. Zum SDK Index"

Is there a way to fix that directly in Unreal Engine or at another place, maybe somehow in Andoid Studio?

THX in advance