Google Play Asset Delivery Reference

My .aab file android game is 1.4GB larger than the 150MB limit that google play console has.
So I tried PAD(Play Asset Delivery), following this tutorial step by step and created chunks and included asset packs inside .aab file. and uploaded on google play console for test but the game doesn’t opens packs inside the fast-follow and on-demand only install time file works.
I followed this tutorial step by step except the part API Reference. I do not understand this strange system and how it works, can someone explain me please what is API reference inside the Google Play Asset Delivery (Google PAD) docs. and how to use it?

From my exp you dont need to create chunks, leave it by default. Just enable the google pad plugin and upload the aab file. You can check your aab file size to make sure obb data has been included inside it.
But, your game will only can be opened from playstore only. You will get an error when you install generated apk from your build with pad enabled. So, for offline testing make sure you disable the plugin again.

The API Section only tells you about GooglePAD library functions and potential error messages they can trigger, it doesn’t include anything about what you need to implement.

There is important information missing in the UE documents that are critical to make fast-follow and on-demand asset packs to work and requires a bunch of C++ to get working correctly.

So there is actually a hard limit for each of the GooglePAD features you can use, the install-time version which @Vrai17 mentions is 1GB and you can’t have multiple install-time asset packs.

If you’re looking for more information other than the Unreal Engine documents, feel free to check the docs attached to my plugins forum post, even without owning the plugin there is a lot of information that can be useful, check out the Q&A section in the PDF for asset pack limitations or tips and tricks.

Hope it helps!

Are we supposed to implement these buleprint functions inside the level blueprint.
For example, if i want to open level2, should I implement those blueprint functions (to get the location of the asset packs) inside the level blueprint of level2 map?