Google Play Achievements

Anyone have any experience in this area?

I have a couple of achievements, some incremental, some not.

I didn’t this before but i think TappyChicken project from marketplace can help you

Hey Vipar, just want to leave a friendly reminder, that bumping is only allowed after 4 days (:
Bumping too often in short times will clutter the forum and others won’t get the same amount of
attention to their questions as you do. I hope you can understand this!

Good luck with you question though, i have not yet worked with GooglePlay ):

It got a bunch of fancy blueprint nodes and such but I tried using those in my own game but they don’t work. No achievement progress is written.

This seems to be a bit personal to be honest. In all the time I’ve been on the forums you are the first admin to tell me off on this and my question was already on page 3 or 4 so there was no chance of it being found at all. And I can’t wait 4 days in a row for an answer to this as my game needs to ship this month. It’s very urgent.

Sorry to hear that, but this is not personal at all. This rule applies to everyone.

To be fair, I’ve seen exi tell many people this and also when I come on here to offer help here and there, I often go back up to 10 pages.

On another note though, if you ever figure out how to do Google Play Achievements it would be great if you shared it with everyone.

I checked his posting history. He doesn’t tell other people often.

Sorry I don’t have Google Play Store developer account, and i couldn’t test and answer your problem exactly

Anyone else with some insight?