Google Play achievements with progress


How do I set up this kind of achievements, the ones showing progress in %:

I do know that it has something to do with the steps setting in Google Play Game Services but I can’t really figure it out how to set it up properly.

Achievements are part of online service, because every platform had different service, one platform can support many services as well as service can support multiple platforms, UE4 have unified interface to support them all as a modules, those modules are called OnlineSubsystem. OnlineSubsystem documentation is currently poor but here the link:

Here info how to set up Google Play OnlineSubsystem

Here example blueprint code for writing state of achivment, as you can see UE4 support achivment progress, example is for Steam, but because Online Subsystem is unified once you set up Google Play it unlocks achievement the same way:

Heres API refrence for C++ use:


Thanks for interest but this does not answer my question. I do have achievements up and running. I am asking specifically about the ones showing progress in %. The way that values, steps and progress values should be set up.

Once I change my achievements to inceremental I get 0% progress on Google Play. I can’t really find the difference between passed achievement values in Tappy Chicken, and there is obviously no access to the Google Play Console… All I could find was the Google Play documentation on achievements saying you should only send the incremental steps values, but if you try to confront this with Tappy Chicken project it doesn’t really make sense, as the function sending all the achievement types is exactly the same, calculating and passing progress as Float ((value/value) * 100).

So process does not work at all regardless what set in process argument?

All I did check was changing the type of the achievement to incremental and testing it out. It did not work showing 0% on the icon.

So I have tried to find some docs and to figure it out from the Tappy Chicken, but no luck really. There is only some info on the Google Play Developer help about reporting progress, but I could find nothing about setting it up in blueprints or UE4 in general. What’s more annoying I don’t really get it how does it work in Tappy Chicken, as all of the achievements seem to report in the exact same way, no matter if they are normal or incremental ones.

Maybe I will do some more testing during the weekend, but spending hours on experimenting with something that should take minutes to set up once you know the drill is kind of frustrating. And all that’s needed is some single page of documentation…

If you are at a loss with documentation the source code in github is helpful to look it. You can kinda see what they are doing at a glance, and if you are unsure about something you can go in-depth. From a glance I can see that they are tracking normal or incremental achievements internally so you don’t have to worry about it after setup and treating both as a percentage. If you can unlock any achievement then use the same process for incrementing one. I do believe however that in this system you will be the one in charge of providing an accurate percent complete.

Thanks for the tip.

What you are saying would basically go in line with what Tappy Chicken blueprints are doing - treating both types of achievements in the same way calculating them with a progress. What is misleading is that the Google documentation on achievements tells you to do it in a different way.

Maybe there is some problem with changing the achievemetn type after you actually start testing (sending values). Will need to perform some simple tests on brand new achievements and than we will see.

There shouldn’t be a problem with changing the types. Try a full rebuild if you are building and see if it helps, sometimes not having that option ticked doesn’t detect the changes.

And it works, I did change the values, re-installed the app on the phone and it seems fine.

If anyone hits any problems with it in the future then:

  1. Make sure your achievements are working properly with progress calculated on your side (ignore the Google Play documentation on that subject)

  2. Set the Steps value for the achievements to 100

  3. Re-install the app on your device if it does not show the progress

I am not 100% sure what was the problem in the first place, that it didn’t want to update the progress, but these 3 conditions seem to guarantee that everuthing will work fine.

Thanks for the assistance.