Google Mediapipe in UE4

Would it be possible to integrate google mediapipe in UE4? I saw that it has C++ support but could not find any more information. I want to to able to move my actor by detecting gestures through mediapipe.
Thanks in advance.

Bump this! If anyone knows, please share - I’m really interested too!


Check out these 3 plugins. They are based on MediaPipe:

Pose tracker plugin for Unreal Engine
Face geometry plugin for Unreal Engine
Hand tracker plugin for Unreal Engine

I integrated UE5 and Mediapipe.
(The analysis was difficult because it was related to the protobuf part.)

It supports window and android.


A UE5 plugin for body, finger, face tracking and 3D model pupeetering.



@endink I have a game idea to use your Mediapipe4u plugin
I would like to have a contact with you in discord. please let me know your discord ID.
My discord: dangloi#3499
Feel free to contact me any time.

@endink Thanks for sharing your Mediapipe4u plugin
I tried Mediapipe_Demo project and found it has issue to package window build
Can you share how to package demo project please?

@DanLoihn11 Sorry, I’ am late, package doc is here.

I hava no discord account, sorry for that.
If you have any problems when using the plugin, you can pose an issue on Github

Does it support 5.3 ?