Google Maps View Plugin for UE4

Hi, my team and I recently released our plugin that allows to embed native Google maps view into your Unreal game!


★ Android and iOS support
★ Display native GoogleMapView, not a web view or texture!
★ Display at any place on the screen, view can be any size you want
★ Configure multiple display parameters
★ Add markers with title and subtitle
★ Smooth UI and performance

★ Marketplace:…ogle-maps-view
★ Example project on GitHub:…-SampleProject
★ Documentation:…leProject/wiki

Supported Engine versions: 4.18-4.20

Here are also a few blueprint screenshots for you to get better idea what can be achieved with this plugin:

  1. Set up map view options to customize its look

  1. Create map view in any rect on the device screen

  1. Add marker to map view

With existing example project you should be able to build app like this: