Google maps for Architectural presentation

Can someone tell me how to achieve getting site information from Google maps into Twinmotion for architectural presentation.

I doubt it would work.

For one, google map data is not in the correct esri format to generate your heightmap.

For 2, the data you get off google is 20dtm at best, so it wont work at all to showcase architectural stuff.

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What is the best way to pull in environment of city, etc?

A lydar system that produces a point cloud which can then be read in into any DCC (or unreal).

Getting the permits alone is going to bankrupt you, getting the lydar scanner will sync you even deeper in that hole.

Some cities potentially provide that data (for a fee normally)- but what they provide can ofc be trash. You never know.

Best bet to avoid bankrupcy is likely going to be to call up the city planning office and see what they might have avaliable.

If they say zilch, then the next best option in the US is USGS.
In europe you are basiclly SOL (and the permits cost even more!) With the possible exception of Unesco designated sites… their data could/really should?/be avaliable to all…

If the presentation is to be of any level of quality, then if it is in the continental USA, USGS has 1 meter data that can be easily converted for use with UE5.
Most other countries have much lower resolution DEM data such as 30 meter.
The foliage in the scene can probably be done with Quixel assets.
And the buildings re-created in Blender/Max/Maya/etc.
That is the way that our local architects do it here in my city.

Well, it may not be that bad since I work for a Engineering/Architectural firm that does Lidar scans of all types. I think I’ve lucked out!! Thanks for your info!!

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