Google Maps Android API transparent

I’m trying to make a Google Maps API plugin for UE4 but have hit a bit of a roadblock.

I have successfully created a MapFragment and have overlaid it on top of the GameActivity using a PopupWindow (similar to how AdMob banner ads are implemented in

However the actual MapView is not displaying correctly; only the Google logo is present:

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? I feel like the MapView is trying to render but the UE4 engine is rendering instead. That or some kind of z-ordering issue.

Thanks for your help!

Could someone give me some insight into how the Engine is rendered on android? Is everything rendered to a SurfaceView or something similar?

Just going to answer my own question for anyone that comes across this issue in the future. Turns out this issue was not specifically UE4 related. This apparently is a known bug in Android.

I couldn’t solve the problem, so I ended up using a Dialog object to hold my MapFragment, which works perfectly fine.