Google in the could security.

link to YT:…

Some quite scary thoughts (for those that do not want to watch it).

From android phone google stores everything you let it store. (or just everything, i do not have android phone, so i am not sure). And it stores on public server, Yes you can access all that data WITHOUT login. All security that is there is obfuscated link to your file.

It is not that hard to guess method that they are using to produce those links, i think it is doable. Download your own data, and compare to links that google created. Probably some mixed md5 checksum. THere is more detail about how to attack it at 8:00 in this vid.

So never make pictures on your android phone that you do not want to share. Like your credit card number, or pin, or your naked GF.

You are wasting your time. No matter how many times you warned people about security issues or the true nature of these tech companies/governmental programs, they just don’t care. They will be upset for a couple of days, and that’s it. They are more than willing to sacrifice their privacy and “security” for a little convenience and to feed their narcissism.

Here is a simple example: how many people do you know that covers their laptop cameras? I just know one person: me.

If this post saves (or changes mind) of at least single person it is worth posting.

It’s unclear to me how narcissism belongs here (?). For the first part, that certainly applies. I’m an example. Same for my camera, I wouldn’t even think about covering it.

Blaming users or calling them narcissists is fine… But its also pretty convenient at letting corporations off the hook. The truth is billion dollar fines and leaked emails confirm the fact that: Facebook and Google mushroom users at every stage (feed them sht / keep them in the dark). Its just more regulatory-capture / government failure in action. ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ means only one thing: We are the native peoples now! That haunting line alone should give people more nightmares… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if anyone had the misfortune of hacking naked pics of my GF they’d soon delete them