Google Earth Style Arcball Camera (Click and Drag Camera)

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Easily setup a ‘click and drag’ system to rotate an object, or have the camera rotate to maintain the perspective of rotating around the object based on dragging it. This is the type of camera system used in a popular Earth viewer application. This is a blueprint system for Unreal Engine.


-Three camera modes:

–Arcball - the object will rotate, camera is fixed on the object

–Camera Rotation - The camera will rotate around the object

–FPS/Free Camera - The object rotates and can easily be attached to a pawn or character.

-Option to maintain angular velocity and dampen angular velocity over time.

-Option to simulate a mathematically based sphere for non-circular objects.

-Compatible with simulated physics.

Setup Overview

Add an “Arcball Target” component to the object you want to rotate or rotate around, and use the “Arcball Camera” camera on your character (or use the provided Arcball character for a default setup)