Google earth mesh in to Unreal

So I need to prepare this demo, and I have managed to download several blocks of a city from google earth.
Now I have about 2K square mesh with part of the map and also 2K of small textures.
When I load all this into Unreal 5 it takes a ridiculously long amount of time to process everything. Then I thought to convert them into Nanite and it got even worse, from 2K shader when into 50K or so.
Why Nanite is doing all that?
Does someone know a workflow to merge some of the geometry and textures to not load 2K assets?
I have merged the mesh into larger quadrants, about 40 but 3D Max creates a very large multi sub object that still gets processed by Unreal and nantite. accentuating the pre-processing time.
I am sure there is a better workflow for this, If you guys can point me in the right direction were to read about it? I ould appreciate it.

is anybody can help me with this> any documentation or link where I can learn something similar?
Everything that I found online so far is to build the terrain into Unreal. But importing geometry with Nanite I though would be the way to go.
Why Nanite is taking such a long time to process and so much memory?