Google Earth / Google Maps assets in Unreal: You can help!

A while ago, Google decided to open up access to their Google Maps / Google Earth databases. This means there is an enormous opportunity for game developers everywhere to start building experiences that are placed in the REAL world!

Unfortunately, for the moment, Google decided to support only the Unity engine. They are asking, however, for developers’ input on their offering.

This is WHERE YOU CAN HELP!: If you, like us, think having assets directly from the Google Maps database in Unreal is huge and has enormous potential, please take a moment to let the Google team know!

To get an idea what this can mean, have a look at <this>]( and <this>]( video

Go <here>](Real-World Games  |  Google Maps Platform  |  Google Cloud) for some more information (warning: you might drool when realizing all the possibilities)

To send a them a message asking for an Unreal SDK go <here>](Contact Us  |  Google Cloud) … The idea is that if they get enough request maybe they consider developing it :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think, and post a reply if you sent them a request!