Google considered acquiring Epic Games

Normal operating procedure for monopolist tech → Acquire → Extinguish (the threat).
Will this be enough to wake people up and stop supporting don’t be evil - EVIL Corps? :wink:

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Google will use you and your data until they or someone they support asks them to get rid of you.

Google changed over the years from an open fair platform to a narrow close-minded one which only favors the mainstream (what they want to be the mainstream).

They will continue to monetize your data to the full extent, and shut more out. Google is ruled like a dictatorship.

The Google leadership today hates the model which originally made them famous.


And if none of Google’s tactics above manage to p**s people off…
Guess who is making sure he’ll survive the Zombie Apocalypse! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The media is now covering how Google intended to actually try and buy Epic.
The details are the interesting part, as Sweeney wasn’t just going to sell out… :wink:

Glad the Chinese government isn’t tied to it. Ha ha ha… (realizes that the government owns all information on its citizens and is practically totalitarian, so if they wanted they could just take his shares quietly)

For sure, check this out - if you haven’t seen it already.
The terrifying part is - what if this ever comes west???
Google were found out before rolling out their version!
But we can be sure they had plans to bring this global:

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Actually I didn’t know they didn’t have it there. Plus it’s already in the west kind of. Not trying to get political here, but people of all sides can agree there’s a lot of censorship for many people for reasonable comments or suspicions.

The really scary part is - Its not just the censorship. Its that if you support something or even just view / read a news article which is against the party line, that can have real impacts or consequences on your own life in the real world. Think hollywood dystopian sci-fi thriller! :wink:

Want freedom to study or take a particular job, get on a flight / train or even find a date? Everything is impacted. Even in the west, unless users are using VPN’s / Brave, most are already subject to differential pricing. But what is terrifying as the clip above shows, is that if a mistake is made there’s no way to rectify it (kafkaesque). Unless of course you’re in the elite / ruling-class / super-rich. Then none of this really applies to you, as you can fix it for anyone around you. But if the average person questions the system, or remotely challenges authority or raises issues of corruption? Good luck with that your life is basically over as you know it! :grimacing:

Its like a dark plot out of a video game with an oppressive government regime, but for real. :stuck_out_tongue: