Google cardboard gaze video selection menu

Hi All!

I am still fairly new to unreal and I have been scratching my head on how to to accomplish something for a google cardboard app I am developing. I am sure that the solution is probably simple but I just cant figure it out. I have the gaze interface set up appropriately to gaze and I have it printing a string when it views the first rectangle. What I am trying to do is that the user can “gaze” at the first smaller rectangle and once the user does that it activates the second rectangle to play a movie. In the end I will create three smaller rectangles and when the user gazes at a specific smaller rectangle a video (material instance) plays on the larger rectangle. The concept is to create a video selection interface for a virtual theater experience. I dont have much experience with widgets and I have been attempting to do it this way. There is no functionality built into the level blueprint. I really appreciate any help anyone may have! Does anyone have any thoughts?
bp pawn.jpg

This sounds like it should be pretty straight forward (through the method you’re attempting).
Have the smaller and larger rectangles set up and the gaze functionality with the ability to trigger the smaller rectangles.

Inside the level BP, first determine whether a smaller rectangle has been activated. Set this up for all of them. I would use an event tick and a sequence to always be checking each condition.

Event Tick > Sequence:
(1) Is A triggered? > Yes > Play Video (assigned to large rectangle #1)
(2) Is B triggered? > Yes > Play Video (assigned to large rectangle #2)
(3) Is C triggered? > Yes > Play Video (assigned to large rectangle #3)

Thank you so much! I am still racking my brain though. I have the gaze printing a string but perhaps I need to add more functionality to the gaze so it can call events? I just have it performing a gaze check currently. Most of the tutorials I have watched refer to touch or using the google vr button to activate the objects. However what I would like to do is have the viewer gaze at the smaller rectangle, a circle would appear and fill as the user gazes at the object for 1-2 seconds and then would activate the event. I also don’t have any sequences in my level and I’m not sure how to do that haha. I’m a noob in a lot of ways haha! Any thoughts on this? And thank you so much!