Google + API service Problem

Has any one got an E-mail regarding Google + sign in API shutting down on March 7 and if yes what would be the best fix??
Should we disable Google + sign API. How ever they say to switch to Google sign in (not +) but when looking for such API it doesn’t show up. Does any one know the solution to these problem. Also what should be removed from our mobile games to make it work properly. Do we need to remove google on line subsystem line. I do have leader-board set up in my game and in app purchases.

I end up deleting Google Play services API and see what happens.

Deleting Sub system from build.cs didn’t do nothing. How ever Google Play services in Google API console still show errors and impacting my account. Like Google said in the E-mail to try to use another sign in provider such us Google sign in… But how? When you actually go to their website I don’t even know where to begin.

When I delete sub system from build.cs everything still works for me. Leader board, log in, purchases all fine for some reason without sub system. Some one said that that has been fixed in 4.21 the sub system had to be taken out.
So I did it manually cause I’m using 4.15 and everything works fine. So I don’t know why we need sub system for?
Sheesh. On the other hand Google play services API in Google API console still shows error for me. Google said in Email that one of my API is calling People Get and Multi something is causing errors. Either way I have AD Mob looking in to it as well. Let me know if you guys had any issues with Google Play Sub system of Google API console errors.