Google Analytics Measurement Protocol - cross-platform plugin (desktop/consoles supported)

Hello, any updates on this?
I have a simple turn based game and I’d like to save player info (results of a short run) at the end of their session, e.g. in a form:

Turn Number | ID of Event That Happened | ID of Decision That Player Made

Will this plugin be suitable for this? Or do I maybe need a different solution?
Thank you!


We’re still working on it, we hope to be able to release the update in a few weeks (maybe a few months).

When ready, you’ll be able to log custom data in Google Analytics. Simply you’ll have to define what GA4 calls “custom dimensions” and “custom metrics”, and associate your data when logging the event. We’ll add detailed documentation for this when support for GA4 will be available.

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is now available!

Hello everyone! We’re very happy to announce that support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is now available :tada:! And it’s a free update for all the existing users!


Simply enabling the plugin and configuring your Measurement ID is enough to start logging event to your GA4 property. Read more in the new Getting Started guide.

If you enjoy this update, please leave a comment or a review!

Hello! The update for UE5.4 has already been submitted to Epic for review. It should be available in a few days.

Support for UE5.4 is now available

Hello, Google Analytics Measurement Protocol is now compatible with UE5.4! Of course including the new GA4 integration.

New GA4 trailer

Helo! We’re releasing updated videos about our new integration with Google Analytics 4. Today we released the new trailer video, tomorrow we’ll release the new tutorial.

New GA4 tutorial

As anticipated yesterday, here the new tutorial on how to use the plugin with Google Analytics 4. We hope you’ll find it helpful!