GOOD SKY v2.3 (Updated March 22,2019) [HR][/HR]Permanently Free Content from March 1st, 2019


  • Quick and easy sky effects for artist.


  • Day / Night / Star / Moon / Sun / Storm.
  • Over 20 Sky Preset.
  • 4 Mode clouds style.
  • 6 Mode clouds coverage rate.
  • Material base on opaque and unlit mode.
  • Time of Day system.
  • Random Weather System.
  • Support Attach Direction Light.
  • Supported VR / Mobile Platform.
  • Day / Night Cycle(v2.3 beta)



Supported Development Platforms: Window / Mobile / VR

Supported Engine Version :**
4.22~4.24 is 2.32 version
4.18~4.22 is 2.3 old version.** [HR][/HR]Any questions or comments you may have, please feel free to ask or follow the email linked below!

Support Email: [EMAIL=“”] [HR][/HR]
More Information : Marketplace page

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I’m trying to make some lights turn on automatically at night and haven’t had any luck. The solution we come up with should probably work with any light really. Lamps, Porch Lights, Car Lights, etc…Anyone else? I’m attempting to use the get current time of day from the good sky bp.

I’ve adjusted everything. This is the current node structure. Still nothing happens when it turns night. The spot lights on my actor are set as visibility off as default. This should be turning them on based on the arrow tool rotation? Help guys!!

Hi guys!
I’m getting this warning in the console: “BP_GoodSky_2 Large actor receives a pre-shadow and will cause an extreme performance hit unless bCastDynamicShadow is set to false.”
How to solve it?

Hey there,

I’m trying to use the BP_GoodSky for the first time in a project made in Unreal Engine 4 version 4.22.3 however I’m getting some weird artifacts. I’ve attached a screenshot that shows what’s happening, basically there’s a bunch of white shapes.

I’ve gone through the documentation at GoodSkyDocumentation_V2.32.pdf - Google Drive but it doesn’t mention anything about this. I’m using version 2.0 of GoodSky in my project. Any help is greatly appreciated if anyone else has run into this issue!

I’m in UE4, and I placed the BP onto the sky, adjusted it to 0,0,0, and it does this, i’ve looked through the documentation and i cant find anything.

after rendering in the sequencer, such a panel appears at the output, tell me how to remove it?

Hello there @U_N_E_A_S_Y or whoever else might be able to help!
I’ve been using a separate blueprint to control the day/night cycle. But when it hits midnight, the sky drastically changes. How can I fix this?
My discord is FrenchFry#8205 if anyone is able to help, or reply on here thanks!

Did you make sure that the default sky sphere blueprint is no longer there?

Hello folks, I’m having an issue with Good sky that when the sun dips bellow the horizon the sun’s light is still reflected onto certain materials and you can see it rotate still. Any ideas on how to solve this?
Second issue is that when I select the light source to make time of day work the moon never shows up. No clue how to solve both issues…

My take on this was to grab the light component variable that is set when you choose auto time of day. I then set the light intensity and color using a timeline so it transitions smoothly from day to night… I made video, here’s the link: Fixing Day/Night Cycle with GoodSky for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube