It has been a number of years that I have studied Unreal, and used twin motion…but, I am sad to say I have to give it away.Not buying an expensive computer. I can use Maya successfully,Premiere, and a number of other programs to make short films. Unreal make it look real enticing…but I am sick and tired of the load , the freezing, and in general …I just cannot afford another computer. So, its goodbye Unreal Engine…I will miss you,not really…no more frustration, re-booting etc.A waste of time basically. Years of work down the drain because you need money to be an Unreal user.I have a two and a half thousand dollar computer and its still not enough…regretting it, but…got too move on.

I have a way cheaper machine and it’s not that frustrating to use Unreal. Trying ray tracing on 2060 without a frame drop. Compiling time can be long but that’s CPU problem.

I can’t imagine myself paying Autodesk and Adobe for years then complain about the cost for a machine.


i have mid-low tier machine with only 8GB of ram 6 cores of CPU and a 1660ti and unreal is running flawlessly… u probably have a problem with ur OS or maybe something is overheating?

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Yeh, I have a Dell G5 Desktop which I bought for $1,999, it has a Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700 CPU and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super GPU and 8GB of RAM and Unreal Engine runs as smoothly as butter (as long as you don’t try to build something WAYYYYYYYYYYY into the horizon, but any computer would struggle with that).

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