Good Websites to buy 3d models and textures?

I am looking for some good websites to buy 3d objects, textures and meshes, do you guys have any recommendations?

I have been looking at DAZ3d, but hear there are some issues with the eyes when you import them into the engine.

Take a look at www.blendswap and the UE4 marketplace :slight_smile:

If you use Sketchup you can download models online, and use these as reference to build your own.

CGtextures is a site that has membership for textures, but they have a free download too. So you can download something like 20mb every 24 hours. That doesn’t sound like loads, but it’s a good start, and their membership isn’t expensive.

crazybump is software you can use to take texture maps and then turn them into normal maps, specular maps, displacement etc.

“Good websites to buy 3d models” -> for games; are non-existent.
For game development, UE4’s marketplace have the best models in regards of performance vs quality.

Turbo Squids models and alike aren’t aiming game development, those models are for pre-render and they can destroy your game’s fps rate easily. You have to optimize models from those sites quite a lot if buy them. Hours and hours fixing meshes, textures, Uvs, etc.

Good thread. I’m still learning but right off the bat the most practical resource would be https://www.mixamo/fuse …a lot of changes happening so perhaps one to watch. Fuse -> AutoRig -> UE4 can be quite useful.

://www.daz3d/ is excellent for concept art and determining style, etc. but going realtime from that is a little tricky, I’m perhaps waiting for https://www.morph3d/ to kick off. There’s definitely some cool stuff from ://www.blendswap/ and https://share.allegorithmic/ that I’ve used (for concept art).

Here’s the concept art I’ve put together for my game idea based on Daz3D and BlendSwap resources: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?82098-Concept-quot-Revelation-A-D-quot-A-SciFi-Experience-Of-The-End-Of-Man

As for game development itself, indeed, it looks like nothing comes close to the UE4 marketplace for UE4 itself, AAA all-the-way (hey, that rhymes!).

I’m still deciding/ waiting for “instructions” from the Lord on how to proceed as I think the game is best delivered as RTS like Dune 2, Starcraft (1), C&C but possibly with hybrid FPS elements.

In any case it’s definitely been fun playing with Daz3D and Nvidia Iray!
PS. You’ll have to check the Creative Commons license for the free assets.*

I am looking into doing VR so optimization is really important, Do you know any sites that would have the most optimized images?

Anyone have suggestions for location/ set/ environment assets (realtime and non-realtime)? To be honest thus far nothing comes close to the scenes on Unreal Marketplace. Maybe I need to go an examine TurboSquid properly.

Edit: TurboSquid has some nice environments but prices are significantly higher than Unreal Marketplace and the render times will no doubt be very high.

I dont know any sites that has such stuff, but in such a case I personally would recommend you to learn a 3d tool, because then you can get the highest optimization possible :slight_smile:

Turbosquid has a game-ready filter.

Update: For non-realtime 3D I’ve recently gone back to Daz3D and they’ve been having some good deals especially with the Platinum Club Plus membership thingy. So Praise God looks like I can proceed with my concept art and graphic novel idea before launching into the RTS game idea. Lots of pre-production ahead for me!

Relevant 3D models are represented in Hum 3D website studio https://hum3d/ They are represented in thematic sections, Car, military, weapons and lots of other models are displayed there. Gamers can also enjoy them not only because studio represents lots of game model but also you can convert the chosen moel into GTA game an use it. It’s really interesting, because, even if there is no such a car in GTA, you may download chosen 3D car an then convert it into the game and use it.