Good ways to do client side hit detection

Hi everyone,

As far as I know, server side hit detection is the best way to go. But for some reasons, I want to try making a good system for making client side hit detection.

Are there any efficient methods to do client side hit replication like to do client side hit replication and then cross check with the server and find how much is the margin of error. If the margin of error is close then deal damage through the server. Or are there any methods similar to that?

Try checking out the Unreal Tournament forums for some info on that. It’s brought up a lot.

To be honest I don’t know, I’ll have to look into it, especially because I will need this too. But if you’re making both client and server make the math, then send the replicated value to the server, then the server decides based on that… doesn’t it sound like a waste of resources to you?
But you are right in one thing: you can only trust the server.

Look at the shooter game sample. It’s exactly what you need, client hit detection and server validation.