Good Tutorials for Architects

Hi there,

I am a Swiss architect seeking new ways to visualize my designs.

I have good knowledge in 3D Modelling in ArchiCAD and did my visualizations mostly with Cinema 4D + Vray Render.
The Unreal Engine is totally new to me but I am thrilled to learn it (at least up to the skill level of doing some walk-throughs for my clients).

I fell in love with some videos like this one: UE4Arch - Lake House Real-time Archviz - YouTube
which are surely high-end but still my goals which has to be achieved sooner or later.

Unfortunately after some research I couldn’t find a “ready to follow” tutorial. Nevertheless I found for example some tutorials like this one on youtube: How I created a Simple Archviz Scene in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube.

But there has to be some more in the web… therefore I am relying on you guys, who surely have more experience and know where and with what tutorial to start with…

Thank you very much for your advises!

I would personally advise Arcviz tutorial bundles from Evermotion.
However If you are speaking about UE4 specific tutorials, than… well it is not not that much different from the work you were doing before. I suggest the following plan for you:

Lastly, there is an ArchViz section on the forums.

Hope that was the answer you were looking for.

How was the experience? Im still trying to find an architecture software fast that has good uv mapping for ue4.
Archicad is actually better than revit :frowning:
Rhino is interesting but I have still not digged so deep to understand the actual potential of it.

Hope you have a comment! I want and need an architecture software to pipe models to ue4.


Pedro Gonzalez M.
Architecture student, 4th year.
Universidada del Desarrollo~Korea University.