Good Tutorial Series (Blender) ?

Anyone know a good Blender Tutorial Series for learning 3d Modelling and UV Mapping/texturing? One preferably that’s been updated in the last year or two to have a similar interface to what is offered now, and maybe a bonus if anyone knows a good importing tutorial from Blender to UE4. I’ve found a few tutorials on Youtube but most seem a bit dated on both the Blender and UE4 ends and the import ones don’t really explain what all the ticks and drop-downs do.

Any help appreciated.


you can find quite a few blender, blender to UE4 tutorials on my channel, just some basic stuff to get you going

CGCookie has got me hooked, looks like I’m spending some money lol Watched all the free video’s and they were really well done and super helpful, guess I got to subscribe for a month now and learn as much as I can :slight_smile:

there was a good series done by Zak Parrish in the 3d buzz website , don’t know if still exists ,just google it .

otherwise youtube / vimeo contain ton of excellent tutorials for every topic.

ah , blender guru is also an excellent blender teacher

hope it helps

These ones have gotten me started: