Good tutorial for painting environments?

Hi Guys,

For the last couple of days I’ve been struggling with properly texturing my landscape, and I’m at the point where I just want to give up and go deal with something else.

That’s how my material looks like:

  1. Unlinked normal maps to check if this is going to be of any help

  2. This is how are the materials look like in the layer blend

Basically what happens is these textures don’t get painted correctly onto my landscape (15x15, decided to go with a small one to experiment with the materials). I manage to get a dab or two, then the shaders start compiling (every time i swap the texture I’m painting with pretty much), which is terribly time consuming as it’s taking about 10 minutes every time.

What I did step by step preparing the textures for painting the landscape:

  1. Create a new material, use layer blend to add .png textures to it
    1.1 All textures connected to layer blend are set as LB Weight Blend
    1.2 Only the first one has preview weight set to 1.0, the remaining ones are at 0.0
    1.3 Constant “0” connected to metallic
    1.4 Constant “0.5” connected to roughness
    1.5 I have followed the same process with normal maps as for the base textures
    1.6 save, compile, close the editor

This is how the material looks within the landscape settings/tools

2.0 Added “LayerInfo” for each texture before I started trying to paint with them
2.1 tried to “cover” the entire landscape with a huge brush, and going through every single material to get the shaders compiled once

What am I doing wrong? I’ve been stuck with this for quite a while now, and I just can’t be creative anymore to try and think of another solution to this problem.

sounds like a setting somewhere for update on stroke because I didn’t have this problem. I would search for that first.

I did search, I wouldn’t post here asking for help if I didn’t.

I’m not saying that is not posted somewhere, I’m saying I couldn’t find it and I’m getting slightly desperate.