Good stuff, MechanizedIT! (Angled Roofing mod)

Just noticed that the devs mainstream’ed MechanizedIT’s angle roofing mod into the game.

Firstly… awesome mod Mechanized… and thanks for co-operating with the devs to get it into the game.

Secondly… thanks devs for being broad-minded enough to take modder’s contributions into the game!

Too bad it has hosed Aku Shima structures, specifically the reinforced wood ramp and also since the last update, my Bessemer furnace mod structure cannot be placed. Worked just fine until 204. Did that mod even get tested. Last I saw, that mod was a work in progress with people reporting issues with it working with other mods. Not a great idea to integrate a mod that has issues.

Graywood, im pretty sure they dont just “add” the mod
but rather take the models and implement them into the main game :wink:

didnt they confirm back in 180 that they are going to remodell the ramp into interior “stairways” as well as angled ceilings but its great that its finally ingame

Congrats MechanizedIT!

In the devkit there is already a model for stairways :slight_smile: So it looks like its in the works!

Hey, thanks, its pretty crazy, I wasn’t expecting that, being that it is such a small thing… but everyone went crazy for roofs and they recognized that, so its great the devs are that involved.

I don’t think it was integrating my mod that caused any issues with the Aku Shima mod, more than likely it is just the gap between the game version and the dev kit that is causing most problems.

In the early versions of my mod, there may have been some mod compatibility issues, but in the later versions, I cleaned it up, and there was no way there would have been any conflict. Many people tested on single and multi-player and had no problems using it with multiple mods. The main issue that arose were people using the ‘giveitem’ command wrong where you couldn’t place the items, but that wasn’t an issue with the mod.

The devs asked me several days ago for the raw files, and said they would clean up the meshes and the blueprints if they found any problems with how I had done them. They said they had planned on working on roofing in the future, but that it had been such a low priority and that they were already swamped, and saw that my mod worked well for what they wanted to do, and that so many people were asking for it they wanted to take the opportunity to support the modding community that they have been promoting for a long time, so I think it was a good move on their part. As for testing, I know they had a test server running my mod integrated for a couple days and didn’t find any issues with it.

Great job man. I remember when I saw your first post. Brought a tear to my eye (of joy)