Good starting size for small map


I am creating a small simple RPG game (purely for learning purposes). I already set up my character class with health, stamina, fighting system, damage system, inventory etc… Now I want to start building my world. For this project I don’t plan a big world. Just something big enough in order to look good and have enough space to fill it with a handful of quests. But I don’t want to make it too large, so it will not become to challenging and impossible to manage/finish for one person that is doing it mainly for learning. I rather have small compact little game that I finish and I can be proud off, than a large gigantic unfinished mess. I have not enough experience to really judge workload very good yet, that is why I am asking the community what size of world they would recommend. I was thinking of maybe 1km x 1km. But I have no clue if that is to big. Is that a manageable size for one person to build? Should I go smaller? I thinking it to be part woods, part meadows/fields, maybe with a stream or creek going through parts of it. A small village with a few huts and maybe a cave. Something like that…its really intended to be for learning, testing and trying out things. I’m just not sure about the size to shoot for.

Even so I’m currently not putting effort into creating my own assets, I will eventually do some of my own assets. But for now I use 3rd party assets, in many cases just a place holder (as I still want to learn making my own assets).

any input appreciated…thank you!

Try 512 x 512

That will let you use a free (no commercial) version of World Machine which is the standard for creating open world environments and it also roughly translates to about .5km^2 which is plenty of space to fill if you’re working on your own.

So a world map of 512 x 512 pixels translates to 512meters x 512meters? or 51200units x 51200units (Unreal Units)?

Roughly… you can mess with scaling and number of components to get different results.

Here is the post that I sourced this from:

Thank you a lot for the replays. That helped…