Good RTS Template?

Hey! Does anybody know a good RTS Template to start developing on from? Can be C++ or BP. I bought two from the marketplace but they’re both underwhelming and perform bad.

start from a template that has multiplayer that everything else is easily found or do and it is not a very easy thing to add it later

base template however it is full of tutorials for RTS I’m looking now there is just everything everything

I bought this one unfortunately its not replicated but more importantly it is very basic and performs bad. hard framerate drops when only 100 units are moving.

take paper and pen make a list of all the components your rts need and find BPs around
pas all to a multiplayer template even on lyra un5 with a bit of tinkering work grate

if you want you can make a video game that 3 4 players play a different gamepley game and playing together on the same game
use multiplayer ready lyra un5 FPS put a rts above it and you already have an interesting project with 2 types of gameplay

the templates you got are not wasted they have the BP RTS move wat yu need only go light

I will also try the RTS template.

it may sound silly but i still belive hard is beter mounting an RTS template on lyra solves the network problem which is super complicated stuff between PS / Xbox and PC sell hub steam epik making it compatible for everyone is not easy to do wen you don to it on project start having it already done is a win win win and you have a first and third person mode free Extra alredy done it’s a question of efficiency more than anything else

computers will be star trek in 5 years pcie6 moterbords are monstrous OP stuff then do stuff on un4 it’s a suicidef you have to put 4 5 years on the project in 5 years UN4 will be a retired grandfather they will probably also make an unreal engine 6 in 5 yar

Check out the Atoms plugin if you want to have a lot of units in your scene with good performance.

RTS must be simple whit new cocept to be successful sey this exemple microorganisms in real life simple imputs self sutenible reproducible in UN4 without too many problems you include the player who controls an alien organism from another planet make a beautiful videogame super cripy rts stuff with virus
this stuff tends to sell a lot after this years of plague