Good resource for trees and grass

I’m very new to UE4, looking to use it for Arch Vis.

I was hoping the Starter Content pack would include a range of trees and grasses but it doesn’t look like it. Where would people recommend finding plant assets for their scenes? We use ArchiCAD rather than 3DS Max, so Max plugins aren’t much help. Is there a good place online to purchase some in a standard 3D format?


If you go to the “Learn” section on the Epic Games launcher and you scroll down a bit you should see something that says Open World Demo, that download is free and contains some foliage assets, if you scroll down a bit more you should see another downloaded called Landscape Mountains, I think that also has some foliage assets. Another alternative would be to purchase assets from the Marketplace on the Epic Launcher or other various places that sell assets.

Thanks! That’s great.

Just as a heads up. The Open World Demo, while great, have a bit cumbersome of assets for foliage and other things (and if you’re using it for VR, it’s definitely not recommended). The marketplace has a good selection of (often reasonably priced) tree assets to look at as well.

Also speedtree is great, in particular if you want to modify some of them.

Do a search in…-and-tutorials. Lots of good free stuff there.

Like this: [FREE] Foliage Starter Kit - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Treeit by Evolved for trees