Good Morning Binu #BetterLightThanNever #UnrealChallenge

Title: GoodMorning Binu

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
Quixel Megascan

WIPS and Engine Screenshots:


  • Worked on it at the last moment mostly, in a total of two days (Better Late Than Never I guess). Used the character Binu, a personal model from an old GameJam project. Always wanted to see how Binu looked in a realistic environment with good lighting. Lumen and Nanite was amazingly fun to work with.
  • Unreal Engine 5.02

Greetings @bertho_nana !

Welcome to the Unreal Engine community! :medal_sports:

Binu looks so adorable! Is Binu taking in the morning by visiting the crystal blue pond? The angles that make up Binu’s face can make for some very interesting shots from many different perspectives! Were you intending on including your 10-30 second video for the challenge?

Where is the video link?

Thank you!
Love to be here, and hope to grow with the engine and the community!
Something like that! :smiley: I imagined Binu taking in the beauty of the forest around it.

@UnCinema I used the embed link from Youtube by mistake which didn’t come up, didn’t realize a simple link paste would have sufficed. :frowning:

The link to the video:


I did the same thing @bertho_nana . Took me an hour to figure out just pasting the raw link embeds the video. :man_facepalming:

Hahahaha guess I learned it the hard way :sweat_smile:

The colour of the water is so beautiful! I think the highlights are a bit too strong from the floating light, kinda takes away the focus from the character there a bit, but anyway its amazing work, keep it up!:slight_smile:

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@sabretooth2611 Thank you very much!
The floating light does take focus away from the character. Should have dialed down a bit!
Thank you!

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This looks really great. I think you may have forgotten to add your video though.
It looks really good from the screenshots none-the-less.
(My bad -just saw the video now. Apologies - taking a look right now :slight_smile: )

Your scene and character are all really peaceful.
It has a very calming effect on one.

@mindseed Thank you very much!
Really glad you found the video calming!