Good Material ressource. Bookmark this!

New from allegorithmic, a substance sharing platform.

Just download and use in Unreal (as long as you have their free ue4 plugin installed)

Looks like it’s completely free! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks a lot! Are these useable in commercial projects?

theres some nice stuff on there

I think so!



There’s an ongoing discussion about this at the moment on the Allegorithmic forums. It looks like you will just need to credit the substance author to use it.

EDIT: New license Substance 3D Community Assets Community Guidelines | Substance 3D

From Evermotion’s article about substance share :

From a legal standpoint Allegorithmic picked the Creative Commons “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International” license. This means, in human language, that all assets uploaded on Substance Share will be free of charge, and will be shareable and adaptable for any purpose, even commercially.

Well the e-mail said all materials are covered under Creative Commons Zero (aka share and share alike) so you are free to use the material in any project of app you wish.