Good map without heightmap

i want to make a jungle map but i find it very hard to make a big and good looking world in unreal engine 4, i know you can get awesome landscapes with heightmaps but i dont want to pay money to make heightmaps (for commercial use)

do you guys know a good way to make good looking and big open worlds or is that impossible without importing an height map?
if not, do you guys know a free program to make heightmaps with (for commercial use)?

Take a look at terresculptor: ://www.lilchips/hmesalpha.htm It’s something like world machine, but you can also use it for commercial games

You can create good looking world with the landscape tool, but it will just take longer than in a heightmap generator

If you have a passion to learn maybe check out ://springrts/wiki/Height_Map_Tutorial I use Blender myself to view my hight maps and the tutorial is a least step in the right direction, GIMP is free and there are tons of tutorials going over Height maps. :slight_smile: Just an Idea…

ok thanks for the help guys!
i will first try terrasculptor