Good laptop for ue4

i’m thinking about buying a new laptop and i really want a laptop so i can get the best of the ue4 and work on my assets and projects, which one might be the best for me?
Budget 1400

C++ or Blueprints? I’ve found that for C++ you really want a good processor and a good amount of ram. I recently upgraded from an AMD Phenom II x4 965 @ 3.4ghz and 4gb 1333 ram to an I7 4790k @ 4.0ghz with 8gb 1600 ram and it made visual studio 100x faster. I think no matter what you’re doing, you should try to get the best processor possible and at least 8gb of ram.

For shorter compilation times yes, but overall performance blueprint is more demanding then C++

C++ i have vs as well, which one do you have?

The limiting factor when using UE4 on a laptop is almost always the GPU, so you should try to get the best one possible within your budget. In this case you should be able to get a GTX970m, at least if you add another 100.

The cheapest configuration of this laptop could be your baseline: Asus G751JY / G751 review - the Nvidia 980M powered gaming laptop

UE4 and Laptop… i rather would take a workstation… i go nutz when something needs long to load. :confused: