Good IDEs for Unreal Engine 5

I know Jetbrains Rider works out of the box, but I was wondering if there were any alternative IDEs (potentially any free ones) for Unreal Engine 5 on Linux.

The only google search results I get on this topic are outdated tutorials on Linux IDEs for UE4.

I wouldn’t really call it an IDE - but I’ve always found Sublime Text to be a great editor, it’s easy enough to create a function to build the makefile from a hotkey…

I currently settled on VSCode with the C/C++ extension. It has good Intellisense and decent enough error squiggles, although these take a few seconds to appear and disappear.

In order to set the project up, just call the shell script in your Unreal installation directory:

<Unreal-installation-path>/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Linux/ -VSCode <Project-path>

This will generate a code-workspace file with all the build and launch tasks preconfigured.
Pro Tip: Replace -VSCode with -Help to get a list of all the officially supported IDEs and build file formats on Linux