Good Idea to use a font for SVG ?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on UI and i am trying to creating my own icons. The problem is that UE doesn’t provide anti-aliasing for UMG widgets and because of this my icons look a bit too “sharp”.
So I thought is it a good idea to create a font pack with all of my icons and use instead of images, text with the font ?
I already created a font and it works perfect, i can resize them to any size and they look good!

But is it worth continue this idea or are there any problems that I could run into ?

You could play with the texture settings of the texture UAsset, in particular the compression and the filter properties.

SVG support would be perfect, afaik I think there is a plugin to support SVG and I am not so sure if the engine supports it by default.

Only downsides I can think of is that you will have to work with textblock UWidgets to use a font instead of UImage, UTexture2D etc as they are (as far as I know) not SVG.

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Thank you for your answer, i really appreciate it!
I already tried to play with the texture settings and I also tried creating kinda “fake” anti-aliasing with blur but none of the methods worked as I wanted :confused:

Hopefully UE5 will bring SVG/ UMG anti-aliasing Support!

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What did you try exactly? I know some of the texture filters are pixely (as intended) or actually blurry similar to anti aliasing just from the settings alone. Another approach is to use a UI material to blur edges.

I actually meant the “texture group” property on the texture editor, not the “filter” one.
If you change this property between “UI” and “2D Pixels” you can see a clear blur / anti aliasing difference