Good guy Sweeney :)

Good guy Sweeney saves wilderness

Very good investment

Good example why world needs invent better portable energy sources and even reach to stage where every city or community has local fusion/solar/wind/antimatter/fuelcell station. Standards are needed quickly, example 1: 14 inch HP laptop can use 10-14inch other brand motherboard. Example 2: Unify power cable connection types even more. Example 3: Ban proprietary locking down of computing devices and control units from printers to car PCM units and so on. Example 4: Eradication of low quality stuff that is big % of world waste. Example 5: Everything should be easily serviceable or extendable to get most of it, but now there is so much locking down of devices and worse it gets.

I know people tell that this production creates jobs but face it, there will be physical end of this when everything is polluted and-or resources depleted.

So we’re praising Tim Sweeney for inadvertently creating a new power plant and creating a wildfire refuge. I respect him to no end but since I have to deal with these preserves resulting in the loss of thousands of acres of fields and homes not to mention the loss of life, livestock, and wildlife. All senselessly killed because it’s good for the environment. There are many good ways to ensure a healthy planet for the future this isn’t one.