Good Game Design Resources?

I would love a resource that isn’t specific to Unreal, but more game design in General. Books, forums, anything. Could any of you share your favorite resources?

Polycount is my favorite, but it’s more art than overall design.

Game design…

Here is a good article. (Marc leblanc helped write it… A former Looking glass employe.)

Hope this is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

(Playing famous Old games is another good way of how to approach game design. Look what they did right… And avoid what they did wrong.
A good podcast series about Looking glass studios might help. Here it is. GAMBIT Updates: Looking Glass Studios Podcast Archives
Though it isn’t for game design… Great ideas on how to do things are in there. But is really is just history of how they did things.)

Not sure if these are what you were after, but I really enjoy looking at game postmortems as there’s always lot to learn from them.

Here’s a huge list of game specific articles & videos:

Here’s big list of about game documentaries in general:

Here are some postmortem presentations about classic games:

There’s also lots of game tech talk and related things on gdc vault:

This is good so far, guys! Thank you!