Good Computer Specs for Game Development

UE4 is constantly crashing or running ridiculously slow on my computer. It isn’t a very high-end computer, so I was wondering what kind of specs your computers have.

For reference, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 10 and with an AMD A10 processor and 4 gigs of RAM and a TB HDD. Thanks in advance.

4 GB of RAM? You need at least 8GB minimum… or 12GB and upwards to have more comfortable UE4 experience…
SSD will be very nice too, along with high performance graphics card.

I have build quite many computers and I can tell you (in my opinion) it all depends on how much money you want to spend. It is not an art to built a godlike machine if you have a budget for it. If you can afford highest end components and you will have the best at the moment of buying. Tricky thing is to get good performance for low cost. It also depends on what you use your computer for, and what you want to optimize.

Here is my buld, for my needs:

i7 6700K,
32 Gig PC3200Mhz RAM,
2x950 Pro drives,
Gigabyte Gaming-7 motherboard,
Phillips BDM 4350UC 4k screen

It is not a gaming machine, but I am not a gamer either, I am a programmer and I wanted to optimize compilation times and got big screen with lots of space for coding, reading docs and debugging.

My rationale for the build was: RAM is cheap nowdays, so I have got 32 gig of g-skill 3200Mhz (2x16gig). 16 gig of ram shoud be more than planty too, but the price is ridicolously low for ram, and what you can do with lots of speedy ram is to have a nice big ramdisk to boost temporary reads and writes which is good for compilers or media editing. Since I am a programmer I do compilation in ramdisk. If you just gonna play the game I suppose you don’t need ramdisk, but that was my usage scenario I wanted to optimize. I run with 8 gig ramdisk, with 24 left for apps which is still overkill :-). I also went for two sticks instead of cheaper 4 stick configurations since I want to leave two ram slots free for future upgrade.

When it comes to cpu, intel is undisputed king of the hill at the moment, so once again, if you can afford an i7 67K go for it. If you just wanna play the game, i5 should be planty. Again, I went with unlocked i7, but I got mine used for about $80 reduction and am runing it currently at 4.5Ghz. If I didn’t have opportunity to buy one second-hand I might have gone with i5 unlocked instead.

When it comes to mobo, my demand was to have two M.2 slots (nvme drives) and at least 4 sata slots left for sata harddrives. I have got over two 950 Pros, 2x513 GB, also at reduced price in a store, somebody returned them back and I got about $100 redux in price each, so I couldn’t let them go :-). I have tried for few days to run them in raid 0, and it worked flawlesly, but I am not going with raid since I want to run linux on one and windows on another, I have choosen gigabyte’s gaming-7 mobo since it has those features I needed, I don’t care for the other features. There are not many mobos that support multiple m.2 slots yet, so the choice was a bit limited. The cheapest one was Gigabyte’s gaming-7. You should have your rationale and usage, don’t ever go blind for features, but look for what you need before you buy, bc unused feature == waste of money.

Probably THE most important thing if you are looking for good gaming computer is the graphics card, and it as well gets down to how much money you want to spend. So much money so much music as they say. Currently the 1080 is the king, followed by 1070. Prices are not wildly spread, I wen with Palit just for the price, and I don’t complain. It runs latest UT with all settings on epic, 43" 4k screen @ 60Hz and everything is smooth and stable. I have only tested UT4 and Serious Sam BFE, I didn’t have time to test any other game, nor do I have any atoher either.

4GB is not enough

windows 10 need a lot of RAM,about need 3.5g if you use x64

so build at least 8M ram

8 GB is enough to get started, but not enough to do serious development; especially if you want to run some other program at the same time as Unreal Editor (3ds Max, Photoshop, Visual Studio, etc)

These days, even simple apps like the Slack client, or Amazon Music, will use a gigabyte on their own. (Probably because they’re built with web browsers as their UI engine …)

The computer I built last year is my current dev-and-play computer, and has:
Core i7-4790K CPU
Two Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD disks
GeForce 980 GTX graphics
Asus 2560x1440 resolution monitor
Genelec powered speakers

At the time, Skylake was coming out but not stable yet, so I saved a bit and went with the previous generation CPU.
That meant M.2 drives weren’t yet worth it, hence the SATA-based SSDs (which work fine!)
I have a 4k display on my laptop, but many Windows apps aren’t that great with DPI scaling (3ds Max is bad, Photoshop is mediocre, Visual Studio is partially good, …) so I wouldn’t recommend 4k unless you also get a very big monitor (32" and up.)

I put big media and projects on one SSD, and keep programs and Windows on the other.

Now, how much do you want to spend? You can get dual Xeon E5 CPUs, if you want your lightmap renders to run faster! But that drives up the price of the motherboard and the RAM that needs to go with it.
Minimum specs might be:

Some case, power supply, and motherboard to go with that. The power supply doesn’t need to be crazy – a 400W Gold rated supply will probably suffice, and 500W is plenty.

These recommendations are right above the “knee” in the value curve – if you try to get any more performance, you will have to pay a lot more money; meanwhile, if you try to save substantial money below this recommendation, you will give up a lot more performance.

If you need to shave a hundred or two off, you can go with a SATA based SSD instead of PCIe M.2. Or, you can get a SATA 1 TB for the same price as PCIe 500 GB.

I have an 8gb, 1 tera, amd machine. Works **** fine for me

I’m using a 4770k / 760 2gb / 8gb 1600hz / 250 gb ssd I’m just starting out and i dont plan on doing any big projects of the get go, but what would you recommend i upgrade? Was planning on buying a whole new computer in 2017 but if i get into this i might get some second hand upgrades along the way.


Windows 10 do not need a lot of RAM, no more than Vista, 7 or 8. It runs fine on a 2GB machine, I use one myself for light tasks.

Just Adding to this discussion i have a… Asus z170-a motherboard Intel i5 6600k processor 32 gbs of ddr4 ram gtx 1060 3gb 2_1 tb hard-drives non ssd and ue4 runs really slow do i need to upgrade and if so what do i need to upgraded