Good animation software

What apps do you guys suggest for creating animations in UE4? I thought there was a built in way to make them but I guess I forgot where

Blender the way to go since even their online training using blender with ue4.
Be warn it can be sometime tricky to make it work in ue4 especially with the amount of tuto in youtube for blender+ue4 where you could easily do it the wrong way.

But when you get your own workflow, it extremely fast and easy to debug. This will ofc be months of learning.

Built-in way would be using Control Rig.

Is control rig trash?

Nah, it’s quite new and still in development I think. But for what I can see in all the showcase videos and early tutorials, it looks great for animating / rigging inside Unreal Engine.

But as always, it really depends on your needs.

Here is a nice presentation
Using Control Rig in Unreal Engine - YouTube

Check out Akeytsu

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The control rig is fair at best. It has a lot of catching up to do. But an experienced animator can crank out some cool stuff with it.

Personally, I really like Maya and MotionBuilder. These two are amazing for making character or any kind of animation.

Blender is also a great option. I prefer Maya for animations but you can do some really cool stuff with Blender. The latest Blender is the best release, so definately worth learning.

But if you are a nutcase and want meticulous control over animations. Checkout Houdini. Specially their character animation pipeline. Since Houdini is nodebased, it’s non destructive. So, at any point in your project, you can make changes to your animations or 3d models by modifying or inserting new nodes.