Gonna buy a new phone soon, will be used for unreal development. Mali or Adreno?

hi guys… i have had a Galaxy S3 for quite a while now (from 2012), and this phone is great but the hardware/software are outdated, and i think it’s finally time to upgrade.
for now, all i do is 2d game development… but as i’ll get better at the engine ill Incorporated higher demanding graphics to my game (3d w/lighting and so on), and i’d like to know which platform would be better suited for game development especially with unreal engine, Mali-T760 MP8 or Adreno 430?
i checked around here to get an idea of performance of the engine on some devices, and i can’t really decide (
this is of course not a deal breaker for me, but a “point for consideration”…
usually i see Adreno having a small advantage over Mali, but some devices w/Mali might not support unreal graphics at all? (i think Mali in Samsung’s devices has some advantage due to better manufacturing process at 14nm, might have to wait for Qualcomm’s leap aswell to 14nm).

anyways, it might be a nice discussion… thank you.

if you developing games for marketing then you need to see which one is more popular in my opinion and get that one even if it had disadvantage .

I’d say buy the one that has the better hardware, everyone want’s the latest tech and with that you can really stress test your Android game on the newest hardware and you should keep your Galaxy as an example for lower graphic settings.