Gollum and the one ring

With the advancements in character rendering recently introduced to UE4, I felt it was a good time to give all those fancy new shaders a try. So here’s my rendition of Gollum as seen in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. Enjoy!



Making of

UDIM material function

cloth simulation


Well done it looks great , how did you light the scence ?

Thanks! Lighting wise it’s a pretty basic three light setup using the area light rig blueprint from the digital human sample project. Plus an extra spotlight for the transmission of the ear.

Very nice work, great job! =)

Thanks for the Info. And the shader is that taken from digital human as well ? .

Pretty much. I adjusted it a bit for the needs of this specific character and then fine tuned the values of all the shaders to get the best and most coherent result possible for the skin, eyes etc.

Coherent and stylish work! Nice.

Thank you , going to give this a whirl

This looks incredible, I’m completely blown away from what can be achieved in Unreal Engine 4. Very nice work!

Awesome man, great job :):slight_smile:

AWESOME how did make the skin displacement