Golf course visualization

I’m looking into the correct workflow for golf course visualization and real time applications. UE4 has piqued my interest but I need to be sure certain tasks are even feasible in this engine before committing time and resources to it.
Current workflow as follows:
-Import real world heightmap and imagery to terrain
-Overlay or multiple blend landscape materials with the imagery to add realism
-Set landscape materials with foliage to procedurally create different areas such as tees, fairway, rough etc…

Current issues:
-Bunkers as obviously sunk into the terrain and have a lot of mesh detail which cant be produced with landscape tools

-Bunkers could be produced in blender, 3ds max etc… and imported in but this would be a tedious exercise to align surfaces and blend with the landscape

The “Is this even possible solution”
-Procedurally generate bunker meshes using splines meshes that conform with the underlining heightmap
-The procedurally generated mesh would be exported to external program for texturing etc…

This image is an amazing render by a professional golf course visualization company and shows a typical bunker.

Is any of this feasible procedurally within UE4 or should I reconsider my options.


We’re thinking about incorporating a plugin called USurfaceMesh into our workflow where we need to model extensions to our terrain for things like bridge ramps and walls that need to integrate precisely. USurfaceMesh in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

@scottylewin did you ever get this working with or without this plugin? I want to make a golf game so bad but so far have not found a solution to creating the bunkers. Feel free to DM me on discord we can have a chat about this.

Discord - tommow1994#6272