Golden Lens - First Person Puzzle and Exploration

Golden Lens**

Hello everybody!
My name is Jan Czarniecki and I’m looking to create a team to help me make and release a video game.
Right now I have a working prototype that I would like to upgrade, expand and use as a base for a crowdfunding campaign and UE4 dev grant submission.
While I don’t want to make my work public just yet, the game is an expansion of the idea from my last game jam winner: Golden Lens.
May I encourage you to check it out.

Some screenshots from the prototype

Gameplay: **
Golden Lens is a first person puzzle game with exploration and a little bit of platforming.
The player explores the environment and solves logical puzzles that revolve around the main mechanics of lenses, colors and lasers.
The game takes place in a large industrial complex and is divided into separate areas that can be accessed by the player in almost any order.

**Mechanics: **
Basic mechanics are very similar to the my game jam entry.
Since then I have expanded them, and have designed more interactive elements for the environment that significantly expand the number of possible puzzle designs.
In the gameworld there exists a material whose properties can be changed by shooting it with a special laser. Those properties can only be seen while looking at the material through a special lens.

**World and story: **
Game takes place in a steampunk style world full of wonderful machines.
Player is invited to visit a famous scientist to see his greatest new invention.

Visual Style: **
The visual style that I want to achieve consists of low poly models and warm colors with minimalistic textures in a hand painted style.
Something a little bit darker in tone than The Witness but this game most closely resembles what I would like the final game to look like.
The games that use a similar stylized style include Team Fortress 2, Dishonored and Overwatch

There is no requirement for character models or animations in the game.

Models need to be fairly modular to allow for multiple combination and easy implementation.

Future Plans: **
I want to expand my existing prototype to create a bigger and better looking demo. With it, I plan on starting a crowdfunding campaign and applying for a dev grant.
If I manage to secure funding, there would be an option, for anyone interested, to move away from a royalty based system to a standard hourly pay.
I realize not many people want (or can) spend months working on something that might not pay off. If we won’t be able to acquire funding in a near future anybody can quit - no hard feelings, no harm done.
If we do find funding however, I require a full commitment (at last one and a half years).
Please carefully consider your ability and willingness to work on this project for at least the next few months (and even longer than that if we are successful in seeking funding).

**Who I need: **
For now I need at least one level designer and one graphic designer. One person to create sound effects would also be great.
I welcome anyone who is interested in the game and thinks their talents and skills would make it a better product.
Contact me even if you don’t fit the roles described below. We can always find a suitable arrangement.

**-Graphic Designer: **
-Creation of 3D assets and textures that fit the style described above.
-Ability to create particle effect would be a plus.
-No specific software required, as long as it works well with UE4.

-Must cooperate with the rest of the team to maintain a consistent art style.  

-Level Designer: **
-Building a world from provided assets.
-Construction of puzzles from pre made elements.
-Dealing with lighting, level streaming, some material design, etc.

-Ability to create interesting and good puzzles and locations.  
-Basic blueprint knowledge. 

-Sound Effect Creator: **
-Creation of sound effects for the game. This includes mostly sounds of heavy, steam powered machinery, footsteps, doors, basic UI and so on.
-For now I plan to use music on a free license, but musician / composer wanting to write original soundtrack for the game would be welcome.

My role: **
-I design and program gameplay elements, UI, interactive elements of the environment, etc.
-I also design and create puzzles and levels. The demo presented here was created entirely by me (with the exception of the music).

**Other requirements and info: **
-Minimum 18 years of age.
-Ability to work at least 15-20 hours a week.
-Ability to communicate in English.
-Work is obviously remote.
-I don’t require any formal work experience or education.
-You don’t have to be an expert and this is a great learning opportunity but you can’t start here from completely nothing and learn on the fly. Some initial experience and portfolio required.
-I’m located in Europe so sharing a timezone would be a plus but is not required.
-Proper documents (Contract / Revenue Sharing Agreement) will be issued once the team is assembled and all negotiations are finalized.
-If you are interested in my own work, visit my website:

**Contact: **
You can PM me here but I prefer email contact.

If you have any questions contact me on PM or e-mail or post here.

Dropped you a mail on behalf ofHigher Eclectic Ground, Jan. :slight_smile: