Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is a Scene from an Animated Short. It call the (Train ride thru the Season)
But I don’t were to start. I have a Idea. My Idea is that A train is going over the golden Gate Bridge And just going under the Bridge is a curies Ship. The Curies ship is call the (Forestdom). At the Sometime firework will be light up the sky over the Gold Gate Bridge.
Just like what I say I don’t know were to start this will be my first Project on Unreal engine. I also I try the Tutorials without Succeed. I need one and one help.

Not sure if work in progress covers “work that is about to be in progress” or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Kris you’re the moderator, shouldn’t you? Perhaps move this to a more appropriate place?

But what is you doubt? The models? The blueprints? The effects?