Gold is lost between rounds

In my map, I want players to keep gold between rounds in spite of changing teams per round. This way, the can save money and spend it when necessary. Although I already set everything perfectly for resources to not be lost between rounds, the opposite happens. Could anyone tell me how to fix it?

I think you can set up the Save Point Device to save stuff before round end and load it at round start.

Thank you so much for the answer! would you be so kind and explain it to me briefly? Are u talking about the device that looks like this? :floppy_disk:

Yes thats it

I haven’t used it enough to confidently advise, hopefully someone can correct me if I’m giving the wrong info.

As you go through its settings you’ll be able to specify what can be saved.
I think because you only want gold to be saved across rounds…

  • Auto Save - On
  • Auto Load - On
  • Auto-Load Behaviour - Round Start
  • Save Gold - On
  • The rest as per your preferences

Then I guess we need to consider what happens to joining players, which can be done via the User Options - Functions.

Joining players who have not played before don’t need attention.

Joining players who just lost internet connection and are coming back in need some consideration,

  • Load Player - for each Island Start Spawnpad>On Player Spawned event.

To deal with joining players who have played before but not the same game, I assume they need any gold saves reset.

So as a guess maybe use the Clear Data for All Players on Game Start, which could use the event of a Round 1, Round Setting Device.
If your using an end game device or something to end game, you could use the same event that activates the end round device to clear data for all players as well…or instead.

Let me know how you go