Going to try learn the programming side, will updates break everything?

Hi, I’m thinking about learning to code in unreal (I can do python, but it seems python engines result in rubbish looking things, and I’d prefer unreal to unity), but I’m just checking before I start, if there’s a big engine update, should I avoid getting it?
If it does break stuff, how easy is it to un-break it?

I really like the idea of working on the separate sections of a game and putting it all together, I’ve only worked in a 3D program before so not had the chance of anything like that. Eventually I’m aiming to end up with a lot of procedural stuff once I get good enough :slight_smile:

With every major release something in the code usually breaks as code becomes deprecated or new macros replace old ones.
Fortunately there are deprecation warnings in place. These usually occur when you’re trying to access data members directly
when really you should actually be using accessor methods, e.g. Get_Something(). New code replacing the old without warning
can be a problem, but Epic usually explains most of these in their change logs so it shouldn’t be too bad. I usually just end up
re-making my project as I’m still a noob so it doesn’t matter.