Going to space

queria saber, se é possivel nessa plataforma, eu conseguir fazer tipo o jogo space enginers, planetas e universo, mas e bem diferente o jogo que quero fazer, so queria saber se e possivel, fazer a fisica, o planeta, e a saida deles na plataforma.

I wanted to know, if it is possible in this platform, I can make the game type space enginers, planets and universe, but it is very different the game that I want to do, I just wanted to know if it is possible, to make the physics, the planet, and the output of them On the platform.

Right out of the box, and using Blueprints, you’re not going to be able to make a game like Space Enginers. UE4 doesn’t (yet) have much support for procedural generation and voxels, but very large levels should now be possible.

If you are a talented programmer, almost nothing is impossible in UE4. I’ve seen people on these forums developing real-time voxel engines and procedural games.

nessa plataforma, pelo menos possivel, sistemas de crafts, construção de itens, tipo com peças, e tipo, cavação de solo?

In this platform, at least possible, systems of crafts, construction of items, type with pieces, and type, soil cavitation?