Going from Map 1 to Map 2 then back to Map 1

Hello Unreal Community :),
I’m building a couple of scenes that I would like to play back to back in Virtual Reality. (Beginner in Unreal FYI).
I’m trying to figure out the following in blueprints:
Play Map 1.
Pauses 30 seconds in on Map 1.
Jumps and plays Map 2.
Map 2 ends and goes back to Map 1 where it was paused.

The following is so far the blueprints for MAP 2 that I figured out. I know how to play Map 1 then to Map 2, but once going to Map 1 it resets event and I would like it to start Map 1 (30 seconds in).
Any help would be appreciated. I hope this all makes sense.